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Are You Set up to Succeed in 2017 

Did you miss our Free Webinar URGENT!!IMPACT: Achieving Results in 90 Days? 
No worries! Carol Marturano-Becker has written an e-book that not only reviews the URGENT!!IMPACT Foundation for Success, but also includes a step-by-step guide that you can follow.  

The book provides insight on the seven foundation blocks that when incorporated into your operation will enable you to achieve your goals. As you complete the book, you will be moving step-by-step through a process that will have you prepared to establish and act on your 90 day and longer term goals. Don't miss out on this special offer that will have you ready to achieve your goals. You can request your free e-book by contacting


Do You Need Results: FAST?

Can you believe it!  We are well into the new year.   If you are like many of our clients you are likely focusing your time and efforts to  ensure you achieve your goals for this year. Some of you have revenue and profit goals. Some of you have hiring needs to fill. You may be looking for ways to streamline your business or find new customers. Others of you may be evaluating professional next steps. It does seem that everyone with whom we speak has some urgent need or situation to address.

The URGENT Coach can help you.  Whether you need a one-time coach or coaching over a period of time, we have a plan that is affordable and will help you to achieve your goals.  Contact us to learn about a special offer: two sessions for the price of one!  Contact for more information.

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